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We provide a full range of services in IT Industry and Oil & Gas Industry.

TechBru has designed and developed a number of in-house IT products that are currently used by multiple businesses on a daily basis. We provide bespoke technological solutions to our clients which ranges from Web Application, Mobile Applications, Hardware and other development services.

We have partnered with the best solutions providers in their own respective fields and to extend those solutions to our clients.

TechBru along with our partners in the Oil & Gas sector provides a vareity of solutions such as Chemical Cleaning Solutions, Hot Oil Flushing, Hydrojetting / Retrojetting, Rotofan, Pressure Testing, Pigging, Video Camera Inspection, In-line Inspection and many more.

30 +

Years Experience in IT

40 +

Years Experience in Oil & Gas

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Technical Industrial Solutions

TechBru provides wide area of specialised services listed below.

Software & Hardware Developments

Providing bespoke solutions to meet your technological requirements.

Web & App Development

Scoping, Building and Deploying bespoke Web and Mobile Application that suits your requirements.

Backup & Server Management

We offer a full backup solution & server management that will ensure peace of mind for your organisation, allowing your business to solely focus in providing your services.

Pipeline Pigging Solutions

Providing different kind of pigs such as Bidirectional Pig, Cup Pig and Specialised Pigs, which are Bypass Pig, Spray Pig, Dewaxing Pig, Descaling Pig & Multidiameter Pig.

Pipeline In-line Inspection

This will determine the actual pipeline health where the services includes Geometry, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Ultrasonic, Umbilical / Tethered Pigging & Specialised ILI Services.

Chemical Cleaning

Utilising high velocity flushing technology to clean the chamber / interior, the pipe system and the cavity of a component.

Asset & Inventory Management

We provide Asset & Inventory Management Services utilizing RFID Technology to ensure that your Assets are safe and secured.

Hydrojetting / Retrojetting

It’s a non-invasive cleaning solution that clears pipelines by removing blockages effectively. It involves the use of high-pressure water jets, which can remove debris, clogs and buildup from the piping system.

Pressure Testing

A way where we will test for leaks and structural integrity of pipelines, tubing’s, boilers, hoses, vessels and others.

Steam / Air Blowing

Removing debris from a steam system is an essential process to protect turbines and other delicate equipment

Mechanical Plugs & Isolation Services

Providing plugs that can withstand up to 15,000 psi.

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